By Gary Doyle

Board Track Guts, Gold and Glory  by Dick Wallen

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We are pleased to be able to offer King of the Boards website customers one of the classic books on early American auto racing…Dick Wallen’s Board Track: Guts, Gold and Glory. Published in 1990 it reviews the history of each board track written by an expert and is illustrated with over 400 period photographs and embellished with a large selection of Automobilia. It is offered at the original retail price of $100.00 plus shipping and handling. The book is essentially out of print with less than 200 copies remaining from the original printing. I always have a few copies on hand signed by Dick Wallen for my customers who do not have this important book.   Board Track has been one of Wallen’s most popular works and should be in the library of anyone interested in the Golden Age of American racing. King of the Boards: The Life and Times of Jimmy Murphy and Ralph De Palma; Gentleman Champion are complimentary and focus on two individuals who raced on board tracks as well as a lot of other places.  Board Track is 423 pages on gloss book paper with an index and statistical tables done by Phil Harms. Order yours today by clicking on the order form.   


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