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Board Track Footage

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In addition to selling my own books on Jimmy Murphy and Ralph De Palma I carry two complimentary books when I can get them, Dick Wallen’s Board Track and Mark Dees The Miller Dynasty. Both are classic accounts of early automobile racing in the United States and along with Murphy, DePalma and Griffith Borgeson’s The Golden Age of the American Racing Car are the essential volumes of the era. Both Wallen and Dees are in most people’s top five (5) as the best in motor sports books ever published. Both are essentially out of print and new copies are hard to find.

Board Track is described elsewhere on the website. Dees Miller Dynasty I am adding to the site after coming across several copies of the second edition. It is an expensive book but worth the investment if you do not have it in your library. It details the story of Harry Miller and his artistic, mechanical creations from the early years of his company through his impact on his successors. It is filled with technical details as well as hundreds of photographs of the era and each car formula from 183 to 91 is meticulously covered in terms of design, engines, chassis and people.

As the dust jacket describes, “This is far more than the story of one man’s life and achievements. Because Miller’s influence was so pervasive in his field, the book expands into the greatest single source of detailed, accurate, historical and technical data on thoroughbred American racing machinery.” It is 562 pages in length, printed on 70 lb book gloss paper, with an index and annotated bibliography. Motor Trend said “If you have any interest in American racing, you must own this book.”

I am pleased to be able to offer The Miller Dynasty for $225 plus shipping to anywhere in the world. Call 866-800-6973 toll free to order or fax the order form to 760-945-4988. You can also mail a completed order form to Gary Doyle-5013 Bella Collina St.- Oceanside, CA 92056. Do not miss the opportunity to add this brand new in-the-box book to your motor sports library.      


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