By Gary Doyle
Carlo Demand, In Motion and Color by Gary Doyle

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Carlo Demand, In Motion and Color

Carlo Demand, In Motion and Color is a new book by Gary Doyle and is published by Racemaker Press©. It outlines Carlo Demand’s work for 11 books he illustrated on transportation related topics; race cars, motorcycles, tanks, trucks, paddle wheel steamers, air ships and airplanes are some of the diverse subject matter. Carlo was one of the most prolific transportation artists in the history of the genre.

The book starts with a review of his life, a discussion of his various publications followed by 59 gouache paintings on automobile racing subject matter. These works depict American and European car racing from 1898 to the middle 1950s, the same period of his most famous book, The Big Race which he illustrated with 128 charcoal drawings. Most of the gouache work is from private commissions and two of his works published in Germany and not widely distributed in the United States. As a result, most of these paintings have not been commonly seen. Accompanying the images are 59 stories about time, place, people and events depicted.

Mr. Doyle represents the estate of Carlo Demand and offers some of the remaining paintings for sale at the Amelia Island and Pebble Beach Concours. As such, he has unique access to the scope of Carlo’s production. The book will be similar in quality to Ralph De Palma, Gentleman Champion, 143 pages in length with a slightly horizontal format.


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