By Gary Doyle
Board Track Footage

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Murphy vs. De Palma: 

At Los Angeles, 1923 

Have you ever seen cars at speed on the board tracks? Get a copy today. This Cd ROM disk has 50 seconds of board track footage from a race at Beverly Hills Speedway in the spring of 1923.

Murphy is in the Miller 183 two-man car, which was part of the Durant five- car team with Murphy as team captain.

Ralph De Palma is in the brand new Duesenberg 183 DOHC racer he contracted to drive for the brothers while he was preparing three Packardís for the Indianapolis 500 of 1923.

See the start with all the cars coming around turn four to get the flag from Fred Wagner, two passing sequences where Murphy and De Palma are seen together and a finish with Wagner whipping the checkered flag on Jimmyís car as he wins. A brief after race shot of Jimmy talking with well-wishers is how the footage ends.  

The disk is $14.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Order by mail on the provided form or call toll free at 866-600-6973.    

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